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Lizelle Steyn

Lizelle Steyn

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About Lizelle Steyn

Hello. I’m Lizelle and I have no intention to retire from a working life. Only from my corporate life. I’ve been down many paths over the past 27 years: actuarial technician; investment performance analyst; product manager; hedge fund manager; client experience designer; finance forum owner; communication specialist; coffee stall owner; and Nia teacher (much fun). And I've been on a few sabbaticals, being a strong believer in proper breaks. I’ve been a salaried worker and a freelancer, and definitely prefer the latter. So, my next goal is to up-skill, cross-skill, invest in how I see my future self and save up some reserves, so I can return to the freedom of flexible work – for good. To me, financial freedom is a process; it's not an absolute destination.

My first investment product - an endowment policy - was sold to me by one of the brokers from my first employer, which turned out a complete dud. After that, I rather used any spare cash to travel and pay off my bond early. At age 35, I bought my first 'proper' investment product, an Allan Gray preservation fund, and saw how easy it was to invest without an adviser. Several other products followed. I only became aware of the concept of FIRE - financial independence, retire early - in my 40s but immediately knew that's what I wanted for myself before age 55. At the end of 2020 I was three-quarters on the way to never having to work again (if I watch my money carefully), but the future may hold as many detours as the past, and I don’t expect the rest of the road to look anything like the N1. Go Freedom is where I share what I’ve discovered so far on my journey to financial freedom.