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Lizelle Steyn

Lizelle Steyn

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About Lizelle Steyn

Hello. I’m Lizelle and I have no intention to retire from a working life. Only from my corporate life. I’ve tried on many skins over the past 29 years: actuarial technician; investment performance analyst; product manager; hedge fund manager; client experience designer; finance forum owner; communication specialist; coffee stall owner; and Nia teacher (much fun). And I've been on a few sabbaticals, being a strong believer in proper breaks. I’ve been a salaried worker and a freelancer, and definitely prefer the latter. To me, financial freedom is a journey towards doing only the work I love, as part of a balanced life, with no retirement in mind. Our life's work never stops. In my case, that means to leave the world a healthier, dancier and more at peace place. Also, it's a good idea to keep on bringing in some active income to supplement what you draw from your investments. Financially and psychologically.

Aside from work, I love to grow my own food and create healthy ecosystems, and nurture healthy relationships. I come alive when I dance, yoga, play board games with family and friends, and walk/drive on roads I've never been before. And when I learn new practical skills. In 2019, with my own website in mind, I signed up for a short course in Web Design through UCT GetSmarter. The result: Go Freedom - a bit wonky but nonetheless a DIY labour of love.